+ Do you charge for consultations and how long do they take?

Our consultations are free of charge and can take up to 20 minutes depending on your individual needs. This is the perfect opportunity to ask all of the questions you need to ask, have a allergy patch test for colours (needs to be 48 hours before your appointment), order in any hair that you need to buy (needs to be a week in advance)

+ Are you open on Mondays?

We are open via appointments only on Monday

+ Do I need to make an appointment or can I walk-in?

We advise all our clients to book an appointment in advance in order to avoid disappointment. We can only accept walk-ins if we happen to have a last minute cancellation but this can be quite rare.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

We advise all our clients to inform us 48 hours before their appointment if they need to change or cancel their appointment. During the booking process we will ask you to pay a deposit of £30 to secure your appointment, this deposit will be taken off your final bill at the end of your visit. The deposit is refundable as long as you comply to our cancellation policies, if not you will forfeit your full deposit.

+ How long can I be expected to wait on the waiting list?

If the time slot you would like to book is unavailable, a member of our team will ask you if you would like to go on our waiting list. However, we cannot guarantee that the requested slot will become available, so we advise clients to try to book an alternative date as a back plan.

+ How far in advance should I book?

We advise our guests to book at least two weeks in advance to guarantee the time slot they desire. However, please note that evening and weekend appointments are sometimes booked at least 4 weeks in advance. Most of our guests usually prefer to book their follow-up appointments at the end of every visit.

+ Will you remind me about my appointment?

-Yes, our reminders are system generated and you will receive 2 reminders. One on the day that the booking was made and the second 2 days before your scheduled appointment

+ I need to make changes to my booking. What do I do?

If you need to book any additional services such as a wash or treatment, please contact as soon as possible so that we can ensure we have availability. We strongly advise that our guests do not wait until the day of their appointment to add additional services, as we cannot always guarantee we can accommodate it.

+ Do you cater to children?

We prefer to not cater to children under the age of 6 because at Radiant London Salon we pride ourselves in creating an environment where our clients can come in and unwind as we assist in maintaining their radiance. We also don't have the backwash facilities to cater to small children, so we advice parents/guardians wash their children's hair before the visit.

+ Getting to the salon

Unfortunately, we do not have any designated parking for clients coming to the salon. We strongly advice that our clients try to take the underground as we are situated less than one minute away from Bermondsey Tube Station. For clients who need to drive, we advice you come at least 30 minutes before your appointment to ensure you are able to find a free parking space in time.

Our Services


+ How long with it take for my weave to be done?

On average, a weave installation take 2-3 hours – varies depending on the service

+ What is the difference between lace and silk-based closures?

A silk base closure has a natural base almost looking like a scalp and your are able to get colours matching your skin tone. A Silk Base Lace Front Closure is a closure piece that is worn usually with a weave to give a natural looking hair line. The Silk Base material creates a scalp for this closures and therefore can be parted and styled in any matter. There are no knots which therefore creates an illusion as if the hair was growing from your scalp. The Silk Base Closures is commonly attached onto a cornrow base.

+ Do I need my hair to be relaxed when getting the vixen sew-in?

Whether you relax your hair or not is down to your own preferences. We only advise that you ensure that you carry out the relaxer at least two weeks before your weave installation. Under no circumstances do we carry out a relaxer on the same day as a weave – with acceptations to partial relaxers. Carrying out a weave and relaxer on the same day can cause serious scalp and hair issues, sometimes these may not be apparent straight away but in time this could cause the client to develop things as serious as traction alopecia due to the immediate pressure on weak hair.

+ I really want versatility but my hair I quite short at the front, can I still do a versatile sew-in?

A versatile sew-in requires leave-out around the perimeter of your head, therefore we would recommend the client’s natural hair is at least 8 inches long in order for this versatile sew-in to look as seamless as possible. Additionally, we would need to consult the client about their hair care regime and assess whether their hair is breaking around the front. In that case, we would recommend a protective style that requires less leave-out such as a weave with closure.


+ How do I know what treatment to book for?

We recommend you come in for a hair consultation to give you the best advice on what treatment your hair needs. We have different hair treatments for different hair needs, e.g. scalp, moisture, protein. We also have cocktail treatments available that are a combination of different ingredients that help with more than one hair issue. Treatments are usually recommended to be carried out before and after any weave/braid services or every two weeks for natural hair wearers.

+ How often can I have a protein treatment?

Protein treatments are recommended for those who are experiencing hair breakage, however these treatments must be carried out in moderation. Too much protein in the hair can actually cause the hair to break. Our stylists will always carry out a full consultation prior to any treatment to ensure that the hair actually needs it.


+ Do I need to measure my head for your wigs?

In order to ensure our customers get the most flawless wig, we strongly advise head measurements are done. All of our wigs are made on adjustable caps and the cap size will be determined via the consultation process. For customers who are ordering a wig online will need to follow the measurement instructions.

Arosci IRS

+ Is the Arosci IRS the same as a relaxer?

No, the Arosci IRS is not a permanent or chemical straightening service like a relaxer. The Arosci Intensive Restructuring System (IRS) is a revolutionary system of products featuring next generation protein therapies designed to tame frizz, smooth and straighten curly textures, and strengthen hair from the inside out. With the proven AROSCI Strand-by-Strand Strength™ Complex, AROSCI IRS delivers three levels of protection and strength for silky smooth length with superior shine for up to 12 weeks. Works on all hair types. Designed especially for Straight Seekers, Manageability Seekers, Natural Hair Wearers and Transitioning clients. Unlike a relaxer, the IRS does not break your hair bonds, so if you decide you want to stop carrying out this service you can once the product leaves your hair after 12 weeks.

+ How much re-growth do I need for an Arosci IRS? As I have been relaxing my hair for many years.

As the Arosci IRS is one of our premium services we recommend that clients have at least 8 inches of re-growth in order to reap the benefits of this product.


+ Why do I need a colour patch test prior to colouring my hair?

At Radiant London Salon we insist on following the rules and regulations of the manufacturers that supply our colour for the safety and wellbeing of our guests. It is very rare for a reaction to occur but if it does it can be very severe and can even cause hospitalization - this is a risk that we are not willing to take. Even if someone has been having their hair coloured for years the ingredients in colour products differ and change and therefore skin testing is essential.We may also need to perform a skin test if you have not had a colour with us or visited us in the past 6 months.


+ Can I get my makeup done outside of the salon?

Yes you can, however there will be an additional cost depending on the distance the MUA needs to travel.

Online Store

+ What are the delivery options?

All of our delivery information can be found here

+ What are the return/exchange policies?

Our return/exchange information can be found here

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